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It was a Friday 16 JAN,09 and I decided to explore the natural beauty. For the past sometime I was thinking to visit the Vellikulangara Forest range and as I do not have much  knowledge about the place even though its near to my home ( 20Kms). So I took the day off and started on my Kinetic towards the Forest,  Alwin accompanied and we were with some preparation, as it may take 5-6 hours to fully escape to the forest.

We were just reaching the Forest Area.

Through the Rubber Trees. As it was winter the trees were without leaves

Top View

Rubber Plantation

Long view from the Top 

We walked through this road for around 2kms and returned.

As we were walking along the stream we saw some fresh droppings 

of the elephant and we were worried, still we walked for another Km

Alwin was looking around as some sound came from the trees.

Adipoli Aadivaasi Style ….

After reaching the top, we entered to a Plantation area and we have to 

take the diversion from here.

Its a good view from here..

What is he doing there on top of the Rock

Eda … Erangi Vaada..

We were travelling along the stream as we were not sure of the roads



This was a Double headed snake, I think as it was looking at me with both

the heads up…??

We walked along this route to reach the Tribal Colony at KARIKADAVU

Even it was in the middle of the day, I was bit cautious, after seeing the

droppings at the first halt. 

We were reaching the KARIKADAVU Tribal colony

Some of the houses made for the Tribal People

We were entering to the Forest through the Rubber Plantation.

It was not easy to walk through the dense forest.

We don’t have enough courage to walk much through this route as it was too steep to continue.

We took a snap here.

The Journey to the top starts here…
Walking through the Rop Bridge..
Aaattalle .. Aaattalle … Thaazhe Pokum.
On top of the Bridge
On top of the Bridge

Is this bridge ok to walk …
On the bridge..

View from the top.
Alwin through the Trees
A view of an OWL on top of the tree.
A tall tree in front of us …
A Green View from the top
Through the Forest 
Green Forest
Resting for a moment.
On top of the ROCK and full of BAMBOO trees


I am standing inside the Tree, the hole was so big.
Alwin standing near the tall tree.

Haha, its so bigggg…

Alwin on a Tree, Different steps taken to climb and sit comfortably… Like who…???

We made a trip to Explore the beauty of the Forest, Vellikulangara range and it was worth exploring, though we didn’t get much time, but we enjoyed….


It was a great evening and I was hoping to go out to my nearby hill station which I was was n’t able to visit last time on my vacation. I was waiting for my sister to come back from her office to accompany me.


So around 5:50 we started our journey towards the hill. It was just 12 Mins on bike from my home and we parked the bike down the hill, and started climbing up as fast as we can. It was getting late and I knew this is the time to get some nice snaps, if missed then I may not be able to visit again this time.


So less photos of the climbing scene, this is the first photo of the route which guides straight to a Quarry, its not alive now and full of green “Payals”

The Quarry – There are actually 2 Quarries and both are in active presently. It filled with the green Payals

This rock stands in the middle and its there from the time I have been to this place.

Aleena near the First Quarry

This is the view of the First Quarry from the Top, Its deep covers a large area

This is known as “Mullanpazham” in our native and when its ready to eat it becomes black, its just fun chewing this, so we started plucking the same and I forgot for a while the intension of our trip.

While she was settling with the Mullanpazham, I walked to the other side to grab some snaps.

There are two Kilowatt Lines passing through this are, I think is the main lines which passes electricity through some of areas in Kerala, 110 KV and 220KV lines, there is a little “boom” sound some times.

She was carrying my tripod quickly to the top, as I was hurrying to take the SUNSET shots, saying  ” Hey its going down so fasttt………..”

We took some quick shots and it was nice, the sun was really going down pretty fast.

How nice SUNSET.

Cool to be here and to shoot this in  an evening which you will definitely hopes to happen so often. 

Ho almost gone…..

The close views of the KV lines passing

Its almost getting dark after the sun is down.

Our tripod was on duty, while we took the side of a Rock

Me just jumped to the top of the rock, while my camera was struggling to get the press from my remote.

The Electric lines passes through this are and its near the Church and going over our Schools Play ground.

If looked closely you can see three objects in this frame, One Star, One Jet and a Flight going.

Its going to be dark soon, and we need to move down.

Some Red light you can see in the picture, which is a mobile tower near by.

Oh its dark.. We took the mobiles to lightup, times up, ….

We Enjoyed 2Hours Evening at Mattumala, Just to take some snaps and see the Sunset. Was Great. We were descending the hill around 7:10 PM, was worried bit about the route as it was filled with rocks and may get slippery. But we reached the base safely.

This Vacation I was able to attend so many functions and most of them was filled with cute babies, Baptism of my cousins babies.

Baby Lional  – Liga and Sony’s Baby Boy’s Baptism Photos 

Blessings to enter the church

Preparation for the Baptism 

Liga Sony Laniya and baby  with Babuchachan Ruby Aunty and Libin

Liga and Sony with Appachan and Ammachi

Jaison and Family with Baby

These are some of the Photos taken  before





Photos from Josuttans Holy Baptism on 28 DEC 2008


All Together

All Together


Cake Cutting

Reetha Aunty and Anu with Appapan and Ammama

Reetha Aunty and Anu with Appapan and Ammama

Princy Aunty & Kids with Appapan and Ammama

Princy Aunty & Kids with Appapan and Ammama

Mercy Aunty and George Uncle

Mercy Aunty and George Uncle

Anto and Family

Anto and Family

Babuchachan and Family

Babuchachan and Family

Liga and Vava

Liga and Vava

Lincy Aunty and Family

Lincy Aunty and Family

Appapan, Ammama and Vellyanti

Appapan, Ammama and Vellyanti



Appapan and Ammama

Appapan and Ammama

Jancy Aunty & Family

Jancy Aunty and Family

Xavichachan and Family

Xavichachan and Family

Reetha Aunty and  Family

Reetha Aunty and Family during the Function

Anu & Rojin

Anu and Rojin

Babuchachan and Ruby Aunty

Lincy Aunty and Anto Uncle

Lincy Aunty and Anto Uncle

Kids Watching TV




Liga and Vava with Aleena

Liga and Vava with Aleena

Liga and Vava

Liga and Vava



All Images Link Here

Friends Profiman

Friends Profiman – enroute to korfakkan fujairah. a short break

Friends Profiman

Friends with Sanju & Sheetal.

Fujairah Beach

Having some fun , in hot sun (from left Rajeesh, Me, Xavier, Sajish, Sanju & sheetal)

Happy Guys in Boat

Happy Guys in Boat – Starting of boat trip to KORFAKKAN PARADISE ISLAND









Ready for a Swim

Ready for a Swim

Pulling a Leg

Pulling a Leg ! Is the correct way they doing ??

Anchoring a Ship

Its not that Easy to Anchor a Ship, We know that now..

Rajish in well

They all Pushed me Into This!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheik ..

Asking permission to Sheikh for Landing on Shore //


Yahoo Its Windy Out here………..

Tired Jabbar

Jabbar says ” Can I Sleep here for a moment ”


“Hello something is moving here………”

Main Link to the Photo Album – KORFAKKAN – FUJAIRAH here 


PANORAMIC VIEW Original Pics Here. Link


Trying a hand



Hard Climbing

Hard Climbing … Some One Pls Help

Wow.. Its Nice

Wowwwwww… Its Great..


Boys ….

Look Its Big Mountain

Look Its a Big Mountain !


Who took that??

Main Link to the Photo Album – Alain TRIP here

Chengaloor is a small Village in Thrissur Dt. Kerala

Located 22km far from Thrissur Town. Its blessed with Natural Beauty and is Full of Trees and Agricultural Activities, Paddys , Farm Houses etc,People from this place works around the world, there are lots of people in the Gulf region, especially in UAE, OMAN, SAUDI, QATAR, BAHRAIN and other ME countries. Also in USA, UK , Different Parts of EUROPE and African Countries.

Some Pictures taken in 2006 Jan. are shared here, u can also find some Aerial Views of satellite Images from Google Earth Plus Software.

Main Institutions in Chengaloor are St. Mary’s High School, Govt. Lower Primary School, Aided Lower Primary School at Randamkallu. There is Primary Health Centre, Ayurvedic Treatment Centre & Veterinary Hospital located here.

The main destinations are marked in Google Earth Community Layer and updates are coming.

Chengaloor Kanakkan Kadavu

Chengaloor Kanakkan Kadavu, these small boats helps people to cross this

river & reach NH 47 from Chengaloor.


Water Boat, Waiting for people to come for a journey.

Koonan Kayattam

Koonante Kayattam, a small upwards climb.


Mount Carmel Catholic Church Chengaloor

St.Marys HS

St.Mary’s High School Chengaloor

Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Hospital Chengaloor

Ayurveda Dispensary

Ayurveda Dispensary Chengaloor

Post Office

Post Office Chengaloor . Pin 680312.

Vilakkapadi Temple

Vilakkapadi Temple

top mattumala

Ontop of Maattumala.

Aerial View of Chengaloor

Aerial View of Chengaloor through Google Earth Plus.

More Photos Link Here

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