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Vellikulangara Forest Explored

Posted on: February 23, 2009

It was a Friday 16 JAN,09 and I decided to explore the natural beauty. For the past sometime I was thinking to visit the Vellikulangara Forest range and as I do not have much  knowledge about the place even though its near to my home ( 20Kms). So I took the day off and started on my Kinetic towards the Forest,  Alwin accompanied and we were with some preparation, as it may take 5-6 hours to fully escape to the forest.

We were just reaching the Forest Area.

Through the Rubber Trees. As it was winter the trees were without leaves

Top View

Rubber Plantation

Long view from the Top 

We walked through this road for around 2kms and returned.

As we were walking along the stream we saw some fresh droppings 

of the elephant and we were worried, still we walked for another Km

Alwin was looking around as some sound came from the trees.

Adipoli Aadivaasi Style ….

After reaching the top, we entered to a Plantation area and we have to 

take the diversion from here.

Its a good view from here..

What is he doing there on top of the Rock

Eda … Erangi Vaada..

We were travelling along the stream as we were not sure of the roads



This was a Double headed snake, I think as it was looking at me with both

the heads up…??

We walked along this route to reach the Tribal Colony at KARIKADAVU

Even it was in the middle of the day, I was bit cautious, after seeing the

droppings at the first halt. 

We were reaching the KARIKADAVU Tribal colony

Some of the houses made for the Tribal People

We were entering to the Forest through the Rubber Plantation.

It was not easy to walk through the dense forest.

We don’t have enough courage to walk much through this route as it was too steep to continue.

We took a snap here.

The Journey to the top starts here…
Walking through the Rop Bridge..
Aaattalle .. Aaattalle … Thaazhe Pokum.
On top of the Bridge
On top of the Bridge

Is this bridge ok to walk …
On the bridge..

View from the top.
Alwin through the Trees
A view of an OWL on top of the tree.
A tall tree in front of us …
A Green View from the top
Through the Forest 
Green Forest
Resting for a moment.
On top of the ROCK and full of BAMBOO trees


I am standing inside the Tree, the hole was so big.
Alwin standing near the tall tree.

Haha, its so bigggg…

Alwin on a Tree, Different steps taken to climb and sit comfortably… Like who…???

We made a trip to Explore the beauty of the Forest, Vellikulangara range and it was worth exploring, though we didn’t get much time, but we enjoyed….

2 Responses to "Vellikulangara Forest Explored"

Both of you did fabulous job and rendred well. Keep exploring post new information & photograph. I am one of Vellikulangara native

Shanto Kurian

good job you both….!!!!there is much more to explore ,to enjoy the beauty and life of The forest …..keep going on……….::)
i am a vellikulangara native..

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