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Ambu Perunal 2009 Chengaloor

Posted on: February 15, 2009

Mary of Mount Carmel Church Chengaloor  (map) Celebrates the Feast of Saint Sebastian on January 21st 22nd. So this year also we all made it a memorable Feast. As most of my friends, ie; our TEAM DOLBY are in UAE, we have decided to fly back for Perunal and make it a wonderful gathering.


Its mainly celebrated in Syro Malabar Hierarchy, especially in Thrissur District and some parts of Ernakulam and Palakkad. The Feast is colorful and its also known as “PINDIPERUNAL” as the feasts main attraction is the Banana Tree  Decorated with different colors and patterns of Paper .

The beautiful White and Pink Pindi at Varghese Peppans House

This is the Normal Pindi which is the Plain style of Pindis

Its really colorful and sometimes you wonder seeing the decorations by many Parishioners and its a pride symbol. So most of the houses will be having a nicely decorated Banana Tree in front. Also there will be fireworks and the first day of the feast is the “AMBU” day on which the symbolic of the Saints Martyrdom ie, the “ARROW” circulated among the houses in a Manner to honour the Saint.

Yellow Orange is Good also, Sajis Home

Another White and Orange Pindi at Lazar Chettan’s House

Jose Chettans Special Ribbon Pindi

All Colourful Pindi

It emerged like this also and its an art form Pindi at Joseph Chettans House

Great in Colours and Style, one of Roadside Pindies

Great Effort and Looks very Nice tooo…

Ohhhhh Colors and Beauty, Perfect combination…

So hope you enjoyed watching the different style PINDIS and now we are going to start the Celebrations of the Feast and all ready. 

The Alter has been painted with More Colors and its looking good

Chengaloor Parishioners are proud of our JESUS CHRIST, as it is the most lively looking Jesus I have seen in and  around my Diocese.

The EAST SIDE of the Church, this has not been changed from the old church.

There has been new ceiling in place and its looks now more neat

All are busy with the Decorations for Tomorows Feast, I was just happy that the feast is here.

A Long view of the ALTER

Side View from WEST

Decorations…. and church will be looking very beautiful tomorrow

The new Grotto being build near the Church, its in the WEST side of the church.

I was roaming around friends places, grabbing the possible shots from all angles, and while we were at Alwins home, I met with Junior Melbin. He is Cutee.. Looks same as his Pappa.

Alwin with Junior Melbin.

So the fire was ignited for the PERUNAL Programs as our enthusiasm, I used to visit home every year and mostly will be able to participate both Christmas and St.Sebastians feast together, but for many of my friends it was a 2-3 year long awaiting and they were really full of energy for this feast.

Saji was busy with preparing some beef and pork , and we were waiting the things to get ready so we can finish it.

Alwin was on the Rubber Tree of Jose Master to fix a Halogen Lamp there, but as the Govt. has implemented strict restrictive measures for using the decorative lights as the Power consumption especially during the Festive season becomes high, and the production does not meet the requirement, he was looking around for the Electricity guys, who used to route march, especially during these days. 

On the back we were having a chit chat as it was long time since we all got together.

Its in the Evening the Night Ambu has started and this time there was less AMBU’s in the evening 

All were accompanying the AMBU

Theru, with Iluminations and Color Umbrellas along with BAND are essentials in AMBU


Now it was BOYS turn and all were involved in the Celebration

BANDS Performing near the WEST ENTRANCE of the Chruch

BANDS Performing near the WEST ENTRANCE of the Chruch

BANDS Performing near the WEST ENTRANCE of the Chruch

BANDS Performing near the WEST ENTRANCE of the Chruch

In the Tunes ………….  

On the Perunal Day there was a Music Program arranged from the church

For Perunal night there was Fireworks, we also took part and made the celebrations wondrful with crackers of 65cases which was fired infront of the church. As I was busy with some projector settings and preparations for the crackers, was not able to get any Photos, but soon will be posting the full length Videos of the same in the last session.

Music Program

Boys having fun after the Feast Night around 12:30 AM

All together


Was a Great Perunal

At Midnight all were ready to enjoy the Creams served, it was 5 Litres which was vanished in 10min time.

Photos from St. Sebastians Feast at Mary of Mount Carmel Church Chengaloor 

All the Pictures of Ambu and Perunal Day.  Hope you all enjoys the Pictures..


3 Responses to "Ambu Perunal 2009 Chengaloor"

Fantastic Snaps! Buddy! Bino!
I am eagerly waiting for 2010 Ambu perunnal Blast!
Are you going to explore………?

Well done boys keep it up.

wish u all the best my chengaloor friends . especially Fr. Joseph poovathukaran, vijalan ollukkaran, shaju kattumath,jose vadakkan and my near family members . shaji kokkadan, Angola .

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