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A Great Evening at Mattumala – A small Hill near my Home

Posted on: February 10, 2009

It was a great evening and I was hoping to go out to my nearby hill station which I was was n’t able to visit last time on my vacation. I was waiting for my sister to come back from her office to accompany me.


So around 5:50 we started our journey towards the hill. It was just 12 Mins on bike from my home and we parked the bike down the hill, and started climbing up as fast as we can. It was getting late and I knew this is the time to get some nice snaps, if missed then I may not be able to visit again this time.


So less photos of the climbing scene, this is the first photo of the route which guides straight to a Quarry, its not alive now and full of green “Payals”

The Quarry – There are actually 2 Quarries and both are in active presently. It filled with the green Payals

This rock stands in the middle and its there from the time I have been to this place.

Aleena near the First Quarry

This is the view of the First Quarry from the Top, Its deep covers a large area

This is known as “Mullanpazham” in our native and when its ready to eat it becomes black, its just fun chewing this, so we started plucking the same and I forgot for a while the intension of our trip.

While she was settling with the Mullanpazham, I walked to the other side to grab some snaps.

There are two Kilowatt Lines passing through this are, I think is the main lines which passes electricity through some of areas in Kerala, 110 KV and 220KV lines, there is a little “boom” sound some times.

She was carrying my tripod quickly to the top, as I was hurrying to take the SUNSET shots, saying  ” Hey its going down so fasttt………..”

We took some quick shots and it was nice, the sun was really going down pretty fast.

How nice SUNSET.

Cool to be here and to shoot this in  an evening which you will definitely hopes to happen so often. 

Ho almost gone…..

The close views of the KV lines passing

Its almost getting dark after the sun is down.

Our tripod was on duty, while we took the side of a Rock

Me just jumped to the top of the rock, while my camera was struggling to get the press from my remote.

The Electric lines passes through this are and its near the Church and going over our Schools Play ground.

If looked closely you can see three objects in this frame, One Star, One Jet and a Flight going.

Its going to be dark soon, and we need to move down.

Some Red light you can see in the picture, which is a mobile tower near by.

Oh its dark.. We took the mobiles to lightup, times up, ….

We Enjoyed 2Hours Evening at Mattumala, Just to take some snaps and see the Sunset. Was Great. We were descending the hill around 7:10 PM, was worried bit about the route as it was filled with rocks and may get slippery. But we reached the base safely.


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