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GMail – An Overview

Posted on: May 8, 2006

GmailWeb Mail Reviewed

As all of us know Google Mail or "Gmail" is one of the new trends in Web Mail. Why Gmail is so popular, I am just going in deep of Gmail with it capabilities & Its limitations.

" On April 1, 2004, Google announced plans to launch Gmail – a free, Web-based email service that would provide up to 1,000 MB of storage space – more than 15 times the storage of Yahoo! Mail and 50 times the storage of Hotmail. Google would also provide Google Search capability to assist in locating specific emails, and would subsidize the cost of providing this service by serving contextual based ads in the margin of sent emails. ** Google Gmail is now offering 2.7GB+ of storage. "

Given below some great capabilities of Gmail
+ Points of Gmail

* Gmail is Web based, space for emails 2.7GB+
* Uses more flexible filing system with Labels instead of Folders (needs some exposure)
* Arranges emails as Conversations, so you can easily retrieve mails in a conversation with a person as a bunch of emails(sometimes little tricky)
* No need to waste time on deleting messages, but why we need to keep all the craps
* Easy search & find of Messages / Conversations
* Supports Rich Text Formatting
* Supports drafts & autosave
* Updated with GTalk features in built, now you can chat through gmail,also option for saving Talks
* Web search & mail search in one page
* Supports Calendars & Events
* Support for Starred Messages
* Gmail Plugins works as Remote GDrive (not supported by Gmail Team)
Links for supported plugin sites
* Good Support for Spam Filter
* Auto Complete list for contacts
* Events can be added to Mail
* Spell Checker
* Attachment Preview
* Supports Mail Filters
* Supports popular browsers also integrate with Gmail Notifiers
* Supports POP3 mail & forwarding
* Forums & User Communities
* No ADs on sent mails
* Supports Keyboard shortcuts

– Points of Gmail

* One year & Still in BETA
* Needs invitation to get an Gmail ID
* Not much support for emoticons & other Rich Formats
* Archiving needs double click, one for labeling & another for archiving
* No default virus scan
* Ads are shown
* Little bit confusing for novices
* No support for inserting Pictures into body of email(supported by Yahoo mail Plugin)
* Needs more integration of Google Calendar to GMail

Links useful :

Please feel free to post your comments for this.

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